First Draft of Digital Media project

First Draft


Our project is about the effect that social media is having on young people today. We will be looking at both the benefits and the downsides to the growing usage and reliance on social media that the youth of our society have today. We aim to target young people who feel social media is playing a big role in their lives, but the target audience can also be anybody else who is interested in the growth of social media.

We will look into benefits such as:

  • Better/Alternate ways to learn, through the sharing of knowledge and information on social media sites.
  • More ways of young people to interact with new people and to make friends.
  • Better ways to keep in contact with people, using social media, including teachers or educational staff if needed.
  • Connecting with people with similar interests or goals in life. This can be done through fan pages or group profiles.

There are also the dangers/downsides. We will look at:

  • Giving personal details to the wrong people, or making your personal details to open.
  • How posting inappropriate material online can get you in trouble, with authorities and also your school or college. This can also affect your chances of employment if your employer looks at your social media profiles.
  • How becoming too attached to social media can have very negative effects on your study and family life i.e. spending too much time on social media and not enough studying or having family time.
  • How communicating with people using social media can eventually lead to a lack of physical communication with people such as your family and friends.


We plan to provide a slideshow and possibly some videos on this topic as part of our digital media project, and share them on twitter using hashtag #ct231 and#icollab. People will be free to provide feedback with comments etc.


Shane Martino Daly – @Shane_Martino

Andrew McGinley – @AndrewMcG94


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